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Νaxos Ιsland

On Naxos island or Axia, according to the Greek mythology, Dionysos (god of wine and revelry), who was born from the god Zeus, resided there and Demeter (goddess of agriculture) also lived there. The inhabitants honor their gods by establishing places of worship such as Yria sanctuary and Temple of Demeter at Sagri. The famous Portara (Apollo temple’s entrance) with the magnificent sunset, that dominates the harbor, was a temple dedicated to Apollo (god of light and music). On the island of Naxos natural beauties as fertile plains, marble mountains, endless beaches and small ports alternate harmoniously.

Dotted in every place are Byzantine churches, Venetian castles, towers, archaeological sites and museums such as the castle in old town, Korono’s cave, Melane’s and Apollona’s Kouros, the sunken Minoan city, Zas cave, Belonia’s and Chimarou tower, the marble village or Apeirantos, Panagia Drosiani church, Panagia Protothronou church, Fotodotis monastery, Giroula’s temple are some of the attractions that you can visit, most of which bear witness to the Cycladic culture equivalent of the Minoan era. The extraction of rock of Emery is unique in Greece. Gift god is the fruitfulness of the island which makes it self-sufficient as its rich dairy and agricultural products are famous and in a great demand.

A unique experience is the endless blue and turquoise beaches such as Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Mikri Vigla, Orkos, Alyko, Kastraki, Pyrgaki, Moutsouna, Psili Ammos, Apollonas and the top PLAKA. Others are organized with restaurants and bars and a variety of activities while others are pure with dunes and cedars. Here ends the narration of the development of Naxos’ history and I leave you to add more information from your experience. Let your dreams lead you to us and indulge in a magic journey discovering the island of Naxos.

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